Classroom Interpreting

Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment®

EIPA Retest Policy

The EIPA team recommends that individuals wait at least one year before re-testing, unless there are significant extenuating circumstances.

Individuals should understand that simply retaking the test rarely results in a significantly higher score. Interpreters are encouraged to understand their areas of need and to develop a plan to improve skills in that domain. It is also true that if you do not understand a specific skill area that is assessed on the EIPA, it is unlikely that your score will improve. A lack of understanding of basic terminology on the EIPA assessment form may reflect a lack of understanding of these skills in interpreting. If you don’t understand what a skill is, do your homework before retaking the test.

It is best practice for an interpreter to retest using different testing materials than their initial testing experience (Tape A or Tape B), however it is not essential for them to do so.

Candidates may somewhat remember the content of the previous testing material, but EIPA stimuli tapes are designed so that raters will see multiple examples of each skill being assessed. Therefore, it would be virtually impossible for a candidate to “practice to the test” and consistently and accurately perform at or above acceptable levels across every skill area.