Classroom Interpreting

EIPA Written Test and Knowledge Standards

Content Knowledge Standards

Before the EIPA Written Test could be developed, professionals at the EIPA Diagnostic Center who are experts in the field of educational interpreting set specific standards (content knowledge standards) regarding the knowledge educational interpreters must possess in order to be successful in the classroom setting. These standards deal with a variety of areas that educational interpreters must understand.

These standards are not intended to be exhaustive. They reflect minimum competencies, not a substitute for formal learning.

The questions on the EIPA Written Test were developed from these core standards. All interpreters planning to take the EIPA Written Test and the EIPA Performance Test can obtain a copy of these standards before taking either test.

The EIPA Written test was reviewed, evaluated, and rated by a panel of experts in the field to ensure that it accurately reflects the information educational interpreters should know. These experts included interpreters, interpreter educators, deaf consumers and teachers of the deaf.

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