Classroom Interpreting

EIPA Written Test and Knowledge Standards

Sign Systems

Generally, spoken English does not vary within the hearing community. Of course, particular words or phrases used by different age groups and social groups as well as different regions around the country will vary. However, the general form of the language is the same. This means that if a person speaks English, whether it is in or outside of the classroom, others who also speak English will understand what he or she is saying.

However, there are many different sign systems within the Deaf community, including American Sign Language (ASL), Manually-coded English (MCE) and Pigdin Sign English (PSE). Not all members of the Deaf community use the same system. And not all members of the Deaf community can communicate with students who use an educational sign system in the classroom.

Core Standards

Before taking the EIPA Written Test, educational interpreters should be familiar with the core standards used to develop the Sign Systems portion of the test.