Classroom Interpreting

Coming Soon! is sponsored by Boys Town National Research Hospital located in Omaha, Nebraska and the University of Colorado and is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This comprehensive website is designed to help individuals within the public school setting enable deaf and hard of hearing students to receive the same social and educational opportunities as their hearing peers. will provide valuable information for administrators, teachers, classroom interpreters, deaf and hard of hearing students and their parents, and hearing students.

Specifically, administrators and teachers will find information on:

Classroom interpreters will find information on:

Parents will find information on:

Students (hearing, deaf and hard of hearing) will find information on:

Educators wanting to evaluate the skills of current and potential classroom interpreters or interpreters who are required by their states to achieve certification or advance their skills will find information on:

Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment ®

Check back over the next few weeks to learn all that has to offer. And, don’t forget to tell others who might benefit from this valuable resource!