Classroom Interpreting

EIPA Pre-Hire Screening EIPA Diagnostic Center offers immediate screening of interpreters through its Pre-Hire Screening Version of the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment. This version is provided for schools that need an immediate answer to whether an applicant is qualified to interpret in a classroom.

The Pre-Hire Screening is intended as a rapid means of obtaining an overall rating of an applicant’s skills. It is not intended as an in-depth assessment and will not meet state requirements for a full EIPA assessment. It is intended to help administrators make a quick decision regarding hire. If an interpreter receives a “Skills at or above the required level” rating, it does not mean that the interpreter can meet a state’s minimal requirements.

Many school districts must have information about the skill level of the interpreter more quickly than the full EIPA assessment procedure can provide. Most schools can hire without any assessment information and even in the states that require certification, schools can receive an emergency credential, similar to all other certified professional categories. However, many school districts would prefer to have some information about the interpreter’s skills prior to hiring in order to ensure access for a student and to avoid disruption in the middle of the school year. The Pre-Hire Screening version of the EIPA can provide schools general feedback about the interpreter’s skills.

The instrument uses rating three broad categories of skills rather than numeric scores. Interpreters may receive a rating that shows skills at least at a minimum standard, indicating that the school can safely hire. The interpreter may be in a “Hire-With-Caution” category, indicating that while the interpreter has some good skills, a full EIPA evaluation is needed to determine whether minimum standards are met. Finally, the interpreter may receive a rating indicating that hiring is not recommended because the interpreter could not meet minimum standards using a full EIPA assessment. Schools are advised of the overall competency of an applicant in a more general, versus diagnostic manner.

Like the full EIPA, the EIPA Pre-Hire Screening is designed for candidates applying for elementary or secondary positions. It features student/teen signing models using ASL/PSE as well as MCE (SEEII). Schools can contact the EIPA Diagnostic Center to request testing materials. Upon receipt of the candidate’s screening tape, the EIPA Diagnostic Center will provide candidate results when the evaluation is completed by the Diagnostic Center.

To arrange for a Pre-Hire Screening, contact:

EIPA Diagnostic Center
Boys Town National Research Hospital
555 N 30 St.
Omaha, NE 68131