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The EIPA Performance Test evaluates the ability to expressively interpret classroom content and discourse and the ability to receptively interpret student sign language. It is not limited to any one sign language or system. EIPA is used to evaluate interpreters who work with students who use predominately American Sign Language (ASL)and Pidgin Sign English (PSE). The test fee is $350.00. An additional $85.00 fee may be charged by an approved local test administrator.

Before registering for a test, it is the responsibility of prospective registrants to review EIPA policies. 

Requesting Test Accommodations

Interpreters requesting test accommodations must submit required documentation to the EIPA Diagnostic Center before registering for a test. Approval for test accommodations may only be granted by the EIPA Diagnostic Center. Test administrators may not approve accommodation requests. 

Requests for accommodations must be submitted to the EIPA Diagnostic Center in written form on official letterhead. The request must include: 

  1. Formal documentation from a qualified/licensed professional who has conducted testing or provided treatment for the disability or diagnosis, complete with:
  2. A statement of the specific disability or diagnosis
  3. A description of the disability and why accommodations are needed
  4. Tests or protocols used to confirm diagnosis
  5. A description of test accommodations prescribed for the disability
  6. The professional’s signature, title and contact information

Cancellation Policy

Payment is refundable minus a $40.00 processing fee, provided the cancellation is completed five full days from the test date and time (120 hours). All cancellations must be completed by logging into your account on the Boys Town Learning Center. Although notifying your test administrator is appreciated, it is not considered a cancellation. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR NO-SHOWS OR CANCELLATIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE TEST REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED. REGISTRATION CLOSES FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE TEST DATE/TIME.

Registration Process

EIPA Performance Tests are administered by EIPA-approved local test administrators (LTAs). There are four quarterly testing sessions during the year. Registration opens approximately two weeks before the testing session begins. Refer to the table below to see registration opening dates for each quarterly testing cycle.

Test Quarter


Registration Opening

1st Quarter Test Session

January, February, and March

Registration Opens December 15*

2nd Quarter Test Session

April, May, and June

Registration Opens March 15*

3rd Quarter Test Session

July, August, and September

Registration Opens June 15*

4th Quarter Test Session

October, November, and December

Registration Opens September 15*

Registration closes five full days before (to the hour) before the test date/time. This also marks the deadline to withdraw from a reserved test slot. Registrants are responsible for reviewing all policies before registering. 

Interpreters can register for tests by visiting the EIPA test registration catalog. Tests are organized by test type (written or performance) and by state. Interpreters are not required to take the test in their home state. The test is standardized and can be taken at any test site. If there are no tests available in your state, you may register at the nearest location. Click here to visit the EIPA test registration catalog.

Because registration is only available during the current test quarter, it is possible that test dates or locations may be added in a future test quarter, but once a testing quarter opens, no additional test dates will be added to that quarter. 

Below is a list of all test administrators and their test site locations. If a test site or location is not currently listed in the test registration catalog, it’s possible tests will be offered at that location in the future. 

Immediately after registering for a test, a confirmation email and will be sent to the candidate. It is important that registrants carefully read the confirmation email. The test administrator will also send you an email before the test date with additional information about that site.

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Proctor Information

All EIPA assessments are administrated by EIPA approved test administrators. Below is a list of local test administrator (LTA) requirements.

Key responsibilities:

  • Test administrators must adhere to the instructions as described in the LTA Manual. To achieve valid, fair, reliable results for any standardized test, the test must be administered in an identical, consistent, "standard", manner by all test administrators at every test site.
  • LTAs are responsible to maintain the security of the test materials, test content, login credentials and passwords, and protect test candidates’ privacy.
  • On the day of the test, LTAs must arrive at the test site early to set-up and allot enough time to administer the test. The test typically takes an average of 2.5 hours starting when the test candidate arrives.


  • The test kit must be kept in a locked storage area when not being used. Access to the locked storage area must limited to EIPA approved LTAs, no exceptions.
  • The room used for testing must be private, uncluttered and distraction free. Bright lighting in the room is required for quality recording.
  • The wall used as the background when recording must be uncluttered and a solid color. A large solid colored cloth may be hung behind the test candidate if needed.
  • Camcorder/video camera to record the test candidate. Phones may not be used to record the test.
  • A computer with a USB port and HDMI port (A VGA port can be used if an HDMI port is not available.)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software (Required to fill out the electronic paperwork)
  • A large monitor to display the test videos

Click here to download an EIPA test administrator application.
Proctor Information

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The EIPA Performance Test is administered by EIPA-approved local test administrators. The typical amount of time to take the test is 2 to 2.5 hours. The test candidate is recorded during the expressive (interpreting spoken English into sign language) and receptive (interpreting sign language into spoken English) portions.

There are no prerequisites to take the EIPA Performance Test. A degree is not needed to take the test. Interpreters do not need to take the written and performance tests in any sequence; nor are they required to take both tests.

The EIPA performance test fee is $350.00. The test fee is due at the time of registration. Some Local Test Administrators (LTAs) charge a proctor fee. Contact the LTA prior to registering if you would like to inquire about possible proctor fees.

NOTE: EIPA LTAs have been preapproved by the EIPA Diagnostic Center but are not employed by, nor do they receive compensation for their services from, EIPA or Boys Town National Research Hospital.